Yippee!! Let's Talk About Squirting!

There has been a growing hype around squirting over the past 10 years or more, but yet there is still no consensus about what it is. Is it piss? Is it Jizz? Is it both? Is it different things at different times? Wow, funny how much of a mystery the vagina still holds!. You would think as over half the population has a vag we would have studied it a lot harder. Just sayin...

Ok so I'm not a doctor, or a scientist, but I am a person who owns a vagina and I am a living, breathing person so I thought I would weigh in. First off, I really don't care what it is made of, or what percent of it is urine. It just doesn't bother me. I am really trying to throw off the shame cloak and just own my body as it is naturally and love what it does.

With that said, I don't think I have ever “squirted”. Maybe the word gushed would fit better. Anyways, this rush of fluids never came with an orgasm. Sometimes I didn't even know it was happening. It doesn't happen every time, or even often, but that doesn't mean that the sex I am having when it's a no show is any less pleasurable than if it did happen. The idea of squirting as some epic finish to great sex is just not true. I really think this might be one of those expectations that has been really skewed from the porn industry. Even so, if someone's body squirts with orgasm, that's cool and good, if they don't, that's also cool and good. If they don't squirt at all, that's cool and good. See where I'm going here?

We've made squirting this thing to aspire for, partners are feeling pressure to make their partner's do it. People with vaginas are feeling pressure to do it. Ugh! Like seriously do we all not have enough shit to worry about these days? Well I guess we are all just glutton's for punishment. I too fall in the “Oh I want to learn to squirt” team, but I am looking at it as a fun skill to add to my repertoire as something that needs to be fixed about my body. If I never do it, so what, I had fun trying!

What's the anatomy of the squirt? Well even this they can't seem to figure out. A study was done in France where they took people who could squirt, x-rayed their abdomens with full bladders, then with empty bladders, when aroused and after squirting. The findings were that the bladders filled up during arousal and were then empty again after squirting. Basically this led to the conclusion that it is in fact, urine. But wait! There were only a small number of women in the study, so a bunch experts are contesting these findings. They also do not take into consideration the Skene's glads. Which are located blow the bladder to the front of the pelvis. When stimulated, will fill with fluid, then release through the urethra.

Lets not forget that the clitoris is not just that nub that we can see, but it has legs that extend around either side of the vagina. Also the G-spot is not to be over looked here. A lot of people think that it is the G-spot that turns on the tap in the first place. Maybe..but all of these can generate orgasm through vaginal penetration for some people making this all the more confusing. What caused the orgasm? Did it even have anything to do with the squirting. Here is my question. Do you really care?

The bottom line to me is that we have these really interesting things called vaginas that seem to be less explored than space. Get in there, play, figure out your vagina, your partner's vagina and don't worry about some thing you are “supposed” to do or not do. If you manage to get poked, in a way that causes an involuntary rush of fluids cool! If not cool! Just have fun and be safe!


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