Who the Hell am I and Why the Hell Should you Buy Sex Toys From Me?

Good question! I'm glad you asked!

I'm Mary. I'm the Owner/Everything else here at Girls on Top. Thank you so much for checking it out! Here is a little bit about me and the store!

Me! Doing what makes me happiest. Talking about dongs!

I started  in this industry working at a bricks and mortar store in downtown Toronto. Just doing a basic retail job. Turns out I really loved it! I actually felt like I was contributing something important to the world. People would come into the store feeling really shy and uncomfortable, I took actual joy in making people feel at ease and comfortable talking about sex and pleasure.

This store sold some of the cheapest shittiest jelly, plastic, rubber toys they could buy. First thing I noticed about the shitty toys was the smell when we opened the package. You know what I'm talking about...it smells like chemicals. Haha! That “new car” smell, and it's basically the same thing. Offgassing...Yum! That is definitely what I want in and around my body. 

Next was the “sweating”. If the toy was left in the sealed package for a while, it would accumulate a greasy residue. Ewww!! I started researching, and learning all I could about toys and materials. Not just for the store, but for myself. You better believe I used the products! I got a discount!

My vision for Girls on Top has definitely gown over the years, but my core principles for forming this business still stand. 

  • Inclusiveness - It is incredibly important to me that my business is accessible and comfortable for all. Yes the name I chose does speak to female empowerment, but that in no way diminishes the empowerment of every one else. All are welcome here!
  • Positivity - I am an optimist. I live my life on positive vibes and run my business with the same values. 
  • Conscience -  Girls on Top is focused on curating products that are locally made with safe, quality materials. 

I started Girls on Top because I desperately wanted to be an entrepreneur, and because I wanted to create a space where consumers could feel confident they are purchasing items that were chosen with a conscience. 

Congrats for making it to the end of my spiel! If you are curious what makes a sex toy "body safe", check out my description in What is Body Safe?.