So What Makes a Toy "Body Safe"?

Essentially it's pretty scary out there in the sex toy world, and to make it worse, we are taught to feel shame about sex and especially masturbation. Ugh! Seriously, as I am writing this post, my spell check won't even recognize the word masturbation! (Note: This is no longer an issue because it turns out I was just spelling it incorrectly) Anyhoo..since society has forced self pleasure into the shadows, the industry has been able to live fairly or completely unregulated. This has allowed for some pretty shady shit to go on. Toys are being manufactured with the cheapest materials possible, basically leaving the consumer with all the responsibility of choosing the best option for their bodies. Which is not unlike other industries, BUT the sex toy industry has that added shame value, Yes! making it very difficult for folks to find any information. Fuck shame! Thank the universe things are changing very slowly and we are starting to own our self pleasure and sex is becoming less and less of a taboo topic.

Now what makes a toy "body safe"?

1. It should be phthalate free.

Phthalates are chemicals used to give plastics a more pliable texture. The issue with Phthalates is that phthalate molecules do not bond to the plastics they are used to soften. This means that they are released as the product degrades and phthalates can be absorbed into the body.

2. It should be non-porous.

A porous toy has little pores that make it difficult to sanitize. This means that bacteria can grow and cause a bacterial infection for the user.

3. It should be made to be used sexually.

A quality sex toy should be manufactured with form and functionality in mind. It should be made with the intent to be used in a sexual manner and not as a novelty or gag.

There you have it. Three simple rules to follow when searching for a body safe toy.